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Videos and Documentaries About Circumcision

Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital
Ryan McAllister, Ph.D., Executive Director of

 Penn & Teller Documentary on Circumcision
(Discretion advised - language and nudity)

Infant Circumcision: Did you know?
Educational Video Featuring Dr. Dean Edell

Dr. Christopher Guest of discusses
 the history of circumcision, medical myths surrounding it,
 and the function and anatomy of the intact penis. This video is a powerful
 resource tool for prenatal education.

Sanctity of Foreskin
Dr. Betty Dodson, sexologist with Carlin Ross
discussing why sex with an intact (not circumcised) man
can be better for a woman.

"The Real Reason You're Circumcised"
College Humor Video
"Mom, Why Did You Circumcise Me?"
Documentary (in Dutch & English w/subtitles) by Michael Schaap

Filmmaker Nick Zayas dares to ask a question that has plagued man for centuries: 
What is the deal with circumcision?
NSFW, but highly educational
Written and Directed by Nick Zayas 2005

"Mischief: Circumcise Me?"
A BBC Documentary by Michael Ogden/Christopher Sykes
Discussing the Practice and Reasons for Circumcision

"American Secret - The Circumcision Agenda"
Movie currently in production, showing the
reasons behind circumcision being pushed in the US. Pitch reel:

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Why I'm a Genital Integrity Educator:

©2014 James Loewen

by Danielle Mrsnetherton 

When I was pregnant, I knew nothing about circumcision. My research consisted of a YouTube video and the opinions of family members that consisted of "have you ever SEEN an intact penis!?" and "Don't you want him to look like his father?!" I decided I would leave it up to my husband. I mean, he's the one with the penis right? It should be his decision. Well thank God when I asked him, he said absolutely not. I was relieved. The video on youtube was unsettling, to say the least. But, should we be leaving this decision up to our husbands just because they have a penis? After doing over 12 months of research I can tell you, No. We shouldn't. When my son was forcibly retracted at UC Davis Medical Center, I was on a mission to find as much information as I could on the topic so that I could best protect my son. I let him down by not being his advocate that day, and I will never forgive myself. I don't want misinformation and misconceptions perpetrated by medical professionals to hurt you too. The first thing I did was order a circumcision information packet from peaceful parenting at and an "intact don't retract" information packet from designed for medical professionals. The more I read, the more I was against it. In my opinion, it's one of the biggest medical frauds in the history of mankind.

I have compiled a list of websites that will lead you to internet articles, medical journals, scientific studies, blogs, videos, interviews and more. I hope that this helps you as you try to decipher the abundant misinformation that surrounds this topic today.

Some main points you will find in the research below are:
  • Not ONE world health or medical organization recommends routine infant circumcision (the KNMG (dutch medical association) is strongly against it for ethical/medical reasons) (Full Dutch stance here: Non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors (2010)
  • An estimated 70-80% of the world's men are intact
  • The majority of baby boys in the U.S. are now intact. 2009 CDC stats show 68% of babies were brought home whole. This stat also includes circumcisions done in hospital for the first year. It also includes circumcisions covered by insurance in doctors offices. Critics of this state that only 56% of parents brought their babies home whole that year. Either way, the numbers are dropping dramatically and by 2014 intact babies will be the majority. Here is an article in response to the critics of the former statistic:
  • Circumcision does not provide you immunity to diseases
  • Circumcision does not prevent STD's/HIV
  • Circumcision is not cleaner or healthier in any way (the intact penis protects itself against infection) - (we don't cut off ears to keep from having to clean them)
  • You are not more likely to obtain a UTI from being intact-this is a MYTH
  • Circumcision DOES effect sexual relations-everything from numbing, painful erections, to ED and more
  • Circumcision DOES have negative psychological impacts
  • Circumcision DOES hurt a lot whether you are a baby or a grown man. It hurts MORE in an infant because infants feel pain more acutely than adults and aren't given the same amount of anesthesia or post-operative care because it's dangerous to do so in newborns.
  • A baby doesn't "sleep" through the procedure. Babies who are quiet or "sleep", MRI studies show that they have gone into neurological shock. Permanent brain damage occurs.
  • Circumcision is not just a little snip of skin. It is permanently amputating between 20-70 thousand fine-touch nerve endings resulting in permanent damage. This is compared to 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, and the skin removed is equal to the surface area of a 3x5" index card on an adult penis.
  • Female Genital Mutilation and Male Genital Mutilation (circumcision included) are comparable. The forced cutting of a minor without consent is the same regardless of gender. Explanation in a nutshell -
  • The American Cancer Society does NOT approve circumcision as a way to prevent penile cancer and even goes so far as to say that this is an irresponsible statement.
  • Circumcision goes against ALL medical bio-ethics of a non-theraputic surgery of a minor. It also goes against a doctors oath to FIRST DO NO HARM
  • There is a rapidly growing number of doctors and nurses who oppose circumcision in the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Most "intactivists" are parents who regret circumcising their sons. There are many parents who have both circumcised and intact sons.
  • I did then what I knew how, now that I know better, I do better"-Maya Angelou
  • There is a facebook group called "Keeping future Sons Intact" where you can find support
  • There is also a facebook group for men who are unhappy about being circumcised called "Circumcised Men Do Complain"
  • Lastly, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is PROTECT your intact son from harm. Malpractice with regards to the male anatomy is an epidemic in this country. Doctors didn't learn about the normal, male anatomy in pre-graduate anatomy courses, nursing school, or medical school. They have no idea how to care for an intact, natural, male penis. They forcibly retract hundreds of thousands of babies/children each year and cause many problems! This is why you hear stories like "I know of a guy who had to have it done later because of infections." This is because a doctor/caregiver most likely forcibly retracted him causing permanent damage. See the section of these notes titled "Intact care and protect your intact son" for further information.
  • 1% of boys will be told to get circumcised later on in life for whatever reason in the U.S. This number is much lower for boys who have not been forcibly retracted. In Finland, where circumcision is virtually unheard of, the circumcision rate in adult males for medical reasons is 1 in 16,667. An extremely rare chance of needing circumcision for medical reasons later on in life is NOT a valid excuse for circumcising the other 99 babies. Amputating healthy, functioning body parts is not a form of modern preventative medicine.
  • Circumcising for religious reasons is moot. Religion ends at another person's body. What about his religious freedom?
  • Circumcision is one of the highest causes of death in newborns. More than choking, SIDS, car accidents, and drop side cribs. Over a hundred, and arguably hundreds, of newborn boys die each year from circumcision related deaths yet we ban drop side cribs because of just a few? It's time parents knew the truth. These facts remain missing from hospital informed consent forms. Which begs the question, informed consent? Whose decision is it anyways?
  • After all, 10 out of 10 babies oppose circumcision! If they could talk, they would tell you:

History of Circumcision-A great place to start.

Images/Videos of Circumcision

Penis sensitivity studies and functional studies

Circumcision and Sexual difficulties

Articles on Circumcision

Psychology Today's article: Myths About Circumcision You Likely Believe:

Circumcision and HIV / Circumcision and prevention of diseases
UTIs & Circumcision:
HIV & Circumcision:

STDs & Circumcision:

Cancer & Circumcision:
Purpose of the Prepuce/Foreskin
International Medical Organizations on Circumcision
  • 2004 College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, Infant Male Circumcision: “Current understanding of the benefits, risks and potential harm of this procedure no longer supports this practice for prophylactic health benefit. Routine infant male circumcision performed on a healthy infant is now considered a non-therapeutic and medically unnecessary intervention.”"

  • 2003 British Medical Association, The Law and Ethics of Male Circumcision: Guidance for Doctors: “The medical benefits previously claimed have not been convincingly proven… The British Medical Association considers that the evidence concerning health benefits from non-therapeutic circumcision is insufficient for this alone to be a justification for doing it.”

  • 2002 Royal Australian College of Physicians, Policy Statement on Circumcision: “There is no medical indication for routine male circumcision.”

  • 2002 American Academy of Family Physicians, Position Paper on Neonatal Circumcision: “Evidence from the literature is often conflicting or inconclusive… A physician performing a procedure for other than medical reasons on a nonconsenting patient raises ethical concerns.”

  • 2000 American Medical Association (AMA), Report 10 of the Council on Scientific Affairs: “Virtually all current policy statements from specialty societies and medical organizations do not recommend routine infant circumcision…The AMA supports the general principles of the 1999 Circumcision Policy Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics.” 

  • 1999 American Academy of Pediatrics, Circumcision Policy Statement: “Existing scientific evidence … [is] not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision.”

  • 1996 Canadian Paediatric Society, Neonatal Circumcision Revisited: “Circumcision of newborns should not be routinely performed.”

  • 1996 Australian Medical Association, Circumcision Deterred: “The Australian College of Paediatrics should continue to discourage the practice of circumcision in newborns.”

  • 1996 British Medical Association, Circumcision of Male Infants: Guidance for Doctors: “To circumcise for therapeutic reasons where medical research has shown other techniques to be at least as effective and less invasive would be unethical and inappropriate.”

  • 1996 Australasian Association of Paediatric Surgeons, Guidelines for Circumcision: “The Australasian Association of Paediatric Surgeons does not support the routine circumcision of male neonates, infants, or children in Australia. It is considered to be inappropriate and unnecessary as a routine to remove the prepuce [foreskin], based on the current evidence available… We do not support the removal of a normal part of the body, unless there are definite indications to justify the complications and risks which may arise. In particular, we are opposed to male children being subjected to a procedure, which had they been old enough to consider the advantages and disadvantages, may well have opted to reject the operation and retain their prepuce.”

Medical Professionals who Oppose Circumcision:

    Circumcision and Pain

    Comments from parents regarding pain, regret, and complications from their son's circumcisions:

    Intact and famous (debunking the myth that intact boys will have social issues because of it):

    Circumcision and Complications

    Circumcision and DEATH
    2.3 ounces of blood - size comparison in glass beaker to
    U.S. quarter. A newborn baby will die from a loss of 2.3 ounces of blood.

    Ethics and Circumcision

    Psychological Impacts

    Effects on breastfeeding and maternal bonding

    Female Genital Mutilation and Male circumcision

    We do not condone female genital mutilation (FGM) in any way, form, or fashion - just as we do not condone male genital mutilation/circumcision (MGM).  The articles are only to show that people who advocate male circumcision tend to use the same justifications as those who promote female circumcision:
    • An Islamic website claiming MEDICAL benefits of female circumcision (we do not agree with the views of this website): "
      Mentioning some of these benefits, Dr. Haamid al-Ghawaabi says:
      The secretions of the labia minora accumulate in uncircumcised women and turn rancid, so they develop an unpleasant odour which may lead to infections of the vagina or urethra. I have seen many cases of sickness caused by the lack of circumcision.
      Circumcision reduces excessive sensitivity of the clitoris which may cause it to increase in size to 3 centimeters when aroused, which is very annoying to the husband, especially at the time of intercourse. "
    • And as a counter to anyone who says that female and male circumcision cannot be compared at all, because "male circumcision doesn't prevent a man from climaxing like female circumcision does", please read this article featuring circumcised female Dr. Fuambai S. Ahmadu, stating that circumcised women can still not only enjoy sex,  but still have an orgasm from internal stimulation:

    Proper Hygiene for Intact Males and Protect your Intact Son

    Intact Care

    Hypospadias Information

    Conservative Non-Surgical Treatment of Penile Problems/Phimosis

     Circumcision the Procedure & Costs Analysis

     Circumcision and cultural/religious documents

    Circumcision and Anthropology and Sociology perspectives

    Circumcision and Legal issues

    Circumcision Incidence Statistics

    Foreskin Restoration

    (You can never actually reverse a circumcision. Once the nerves and tissues are cut away, you can't get them back. You can, however, use techniques to grow new skin based on the remaining penile skin to recreate a similar structure to what would have been there. The natural protective and gliding functions can be restored!)

    Interviews about Circumcision

    Books on Circumcision
    • What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM): Circumcision: Untold Facts on America's Most Widely Perfomed-and Most Unnecessary-Surgery" by Paul M. Fleiss, Frederick M. Hodges:

    Find More Medical Resources on Circumcision

    List of resources on genital anatomy from peer-reviewed research.

    Although this is comprehensive, it is not everything and new information will be added as it is available.