Saturday, March 17, 2012

Videos and Documentaries About Circumcision

Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital
Ryan McAllister, Ph.D., Executive Director of

 Penn & Teller Documentary on Circumcision
(Discretion advised - language and nudity)

Infant Circumcision: Did you know?
Educational Video Featuring Dr. Dean Edell

Dr. Christopher Guest of discusses
 the history of circumcision, medical myths surrounding it,
 and the function and anatomy of the intact penis. This video is a powerful
 resource tool for prenatal education.

Sanctity of Foreskin
Dr. Betty Dodson, sexologist with Carlin Ross
discussing why sex with an intact (not circumcised) man
can be better for a woman.

"The Real Reason You're Circumcised"
College Humor Video
"Mom, Why Did You Circumcise Me?"
Documentary (in Dutch & English w/subtitles) by Michael Schaap

Filmmaker Nick Zayas dares to ask a question that has plagued man for centuries: 
What is the deal with circumcision?
NSFW, but highly educational
Written and Directed by Nick Zayas 2005

"Mischief: Circumcise Me?"
A BBC Documentary by Michael Ogden/Christopher Sykes
Discussing the Practice and Reasons for Circumcision

"American Secret - The Circumcision Agenda"
Movie currently in production, showing the
reasons behind circumcision being pushed in the US. Pitch reel: